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Presentlysilicone bracelets are best fashionablegift at Europe and USA. Our company can provide of different size ,Different color design silicone >bracelets (blank \ debossed \ embossed \ printing \ glow ,and so on).

We are specialized factory in this perfect type of silicone bracelets which is proud to offer organizations a low cost method to raisebusiness, pride, anniversary, festival, remembrance and awareness for any reason. With the success of variety of silicone bracelets, such as the popular MacDonald whom prepare so many different type of silicone bracelets for their customers in order to develop their business, many organizations have identified these bracelets as both an effective and lucrative marketing tool. Welcomecontactwith usquickly...

Material : 100% silicone rubber

Color : PMS color matched rubber

Size : Adult : 202x12x2mm 210x12x2mm

Youth : 180x12x2mm190x12x2mm

Package method: OPP, OPP/pcs 100pcs/bag

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